Parent Voices Count

“Children with serious and potentially life threatening/ life shortening conditions are likely to receive a range of services that may include community children’s nursing, specialist medical and nursing care, social work support, care packages and short breaks from hospices or other providers. These services are provided to help achieve the best quality of life for the child and support for the family”.

Parent Voices Count Information Leaflet

A-Z guide feedback card

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As strategic leaders within our Local Area we the undersigned recognize that

  • Services provided for children, with serious and potentially life-threatening conditions, their families including parents and carers and siblings must be appropriate and meet the needs of service users.
  • This can only be achieved by actively involving service users in the design, feedback and evaluation of the services they require.
  • Indicate our commitment to working collaboratively with the Northwest Children’s Palliative Care Network Expert Parent and Carer Reference Group, Parent Voices Count, and with the Northwest Children’s Palliative Care Network Expert Patient Reference group when this is established.