What is Children’s Palliative Care?

The North West Children’s Palliative Care Network has launched a short animation, explaining the concept of children’s palliative care to professionals and families, to co-incide with children’s hospice and palliative care week.  The “What is children’s palliative care?” explainer video was launched as part of Joining Together for Children’s Palliative Care.  

The innovative two minute animated video explains the concept of palliative care for babies and children, including the importance of introducing palliative care early, how palliative care can be introduced alongside active, disease directed treatment, and the role of the multidisciplinary team.

Many people including professionals, parents and patients find it difficult to grasp exactly what palliative care is.   It is about care for babies and children with life threatening or life limiting conditions: but what exactly do palliative care services do? When should they be introduced? and how are they different from other approaches to care?  Professionals, parents and patients continue to be confused despite formal definitions such as Together for Short Lives’.

Response to the video has been extremely positive:

“I like it!  Great idea!” Sacha Langton-Gilks parent campaigner and author of the bestselling book Follow the Child

“This is amazing, I really love it…. I think it will help lots of professionals and the public to visualise what palliative care is and what it isn’t”  Lis Meates, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

“Honestly I really like it.  I think we need the [Together for Short Lives] definition in our working lives as well, but this is a great addition”  Dr Lisa Kauffmann, Community Paediatrician with a Specialist Interest in Paediatric Palliative Care

The video will also be shown as part of the displays at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital as part of Joining Together for Children’s Palliative Care from 17th – 21st June 2019. The video is also available on youtube

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