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Database of children with serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses:

PCFR Northwest Children’s Pilot Patient information leaflet 31 1 13

Palliative care funding review consent for parents V3

Parent Voices Count:

Parent Voices Count Information Leaflet

A-Z guide feedback card

Network Documents:

Statement of commitment

Northwest Strategy 2011 – 2014 final


Unified Childrens Advance Care Plan and DNA-CPR Policy briefing March 2014

Rapid Discharge Plan for End of Life Care July 2014

Northwest Children’s Palliative Care Research Group Terms of reference

Practical end of life care NWPPCF Sept 2014

Symptom management at the end of life MW

Archived North Star

North Star Chistmas 2014

North Star Autumn 2014

North Star Summer 2014